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Driven by a passion for sport, physical activity and well-being, we successfully work with voluntary, public, and private sectors in physical education, sports training and coach education.


To enable sports industry through education, training, and collaboration with all stakeholders to make India physically literate.


A. Build a healthy nation through inclusion of physical fitness
B. Enable Indian sports industry professionals (Physical Education teachers (PETs), trainers, sports coaches)

Focus Areas

Sport is for everyone; it is all about participation, excellence, personal development, and competition. Our deep understanding of individual and coaching needs, helps us cater to:

Individuals & Communities

Physical Education Teachers (PETs)

Sports Coaches

Fitness Professionals

What we Offer

Sports Management
Training Programs
Learning & Development Services
Training Effectiveness Measurement Framework

Training Programs

Our train-the-trainer programs aim is to achieve sporting goals, maximum individual efficiency & performance.

Our experience in training 500+ coaches and PETs helps us combine all components of sports training including physical, psychological, tactical, coaching philosophy, planning, and soft skills (like leadership and communication).

The training programs we currently offer include:

Coaching Philosophy (High-Performance)

Planning for a Sports Coach

Journals for Sports Coach

Basics of Sports Science

Advanced - Sports Science

We help academies and organizations design and develop high-impact training that brings transformational change and a growth mindset culture. In our understanding, such a culture nurtures individual ability and encourages curiosity, learning, and discipline.

We believe training should be experiential, and our training philosophy focuses on providing the right learning, at the right time, in the right way.

Using appropriate pedagogies, personalized and integrated methodologies, we aim to enhance coaching and mentoring skills.

Curriculum Design

+ Training Program design and rollout
+ Physical Education
+ International models like Physical Literacy (PL) and Long term Athlete Development (LTAD)

Courseware Development

Content Creation

+ Technical documentation
+ Process manuals, procedures, and formats
+ Articles for magazines and blogs
+ Video content

Content Creation

Learning & Development Services

We help academies and organizations design and develop high-impact training that brings transformation change and a growth mindset culture.

Training Effectiveness Measurement Framework

Measuring qualitative effectiveness of training programs (as against process effectiveness) helps organizations evaluate if a training had the intended impact.

Using a mix of traditional ISO evaluation measures and Kirkpatrick Taxonomy, we work closely with design and delivery teams to:

Develop Scorecard
Outcomes, insights, measurement criteria
Track Progress
relevant for the organization


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