Build Emotional Resilience

There is many online resources by experts in this area. I would prefer you attend the free webinars/ online talks on this subject. To me, the biggest element is in addressing fear, anxiety, and stress in uncertain times.

One the most important points to consider is encapsulated in Stephen Covey’s Circle of Influence and Control:

Focusing on the things we CAN influence builds resilience and confidence. Coaches can do this themselves and help athletes do the same. I don’t think it’s very easy when we are constantly bombarded with grave news and information.

  1. Reduce social media time to limit the external influences. Coaches are seeing a spike in online time, by themselves and athlete alike. This is normal and it’s okay. With time and focus, it can be brought down with effective time allocation or including some online learning time. 
  • Engage with your ‘class’ online as much as you can. If you can a plan group classes on varying subjects for different age groups, it will keep you busy while engaging more with you athletes.
  • Spend time on learning skills/ tools/ new things that are of interest to you. With almost all major sports organizations and ministry hosting online programs in different forums, it is easy to pick a topic and deep dive into it.

If you would like to discuss any of these specific strategies or create learning modules, please feel free to connect with me! I would be delighted to work with you.

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